General Conditions


1.1.  GAMEVEST Sàrl is a company incorporated under Swiss law registered in the commercial register of the canton of Geneva under the IDE number: CHE 328.854.737 (the “COMPANY”).
1.2.  The purpose of the COMPANY, under its brand AXVETIK, is the organisation, operation and marketing of axe throwing games for groups of 1 to 3 people per target organised in a venue (the “VENUE“). The VENUE includes the entire premises and facilities accessible to the public, in particular the playing area, the refreshment bar and the sanitary facilities.

  These general terms and conditions apply to the contractual relationship between the COMPANY and all users of the VENUE (the “CUSTOMER” or “CUSTOMERS“) whether or not they are the person who made the reservation (the “RESERVATOR” or ” RESERVATORS“). The contractual relationship covers the provision of the VENUE, the provision of services as well as the sale of products by the COMPANY.
2.2.  By accessing the VENUE, the CLIENT acknowledges and accepts the unconditional application of these general conditions.
2.3.  The RESERVATOR acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for the actions of any third-party having access to the VENUE in connection with his booking, it being understood that such third party shall be deemed to be the CLIENT.
2.4.  The COMPANY has the right to change these terms and conditions, including the contents of its WEBSITE, at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice.
2.5.  The COMPANY’s general terms and conditions are available on the COMPANY’s WEBSITE ( or on request at the reception desk of our venues.

3.1.  Admission to the VENUE is only possible on presentation of the booking confirmation email (sent shortly after the payment process to the RESERVATOR) and on presentation of the RESERVATOR’s ID.
3.2.  The sole purpose of occupying the VENUE is to take part in a game organised by the COMPANY, which must be played in teams of 1 to 3 people per target.
3.3.  The security of the game does not allow people under the age of 16 to participate and access the VENUE. If there is any doubt as to the age of a CUSTOMER, the COMPANY reserves the right to ask for proof of identity and, if necessary, to refuse that person access to the VENUE (if it turns out that the person is under the age limit or is unable to present valid identification).
3.4.  CUSTOMERS are required to keep the VENUE and all of its equipment (non-restrictive list: axes, targets, decorations, furniture, etc.) in good condition and to use it in accordance with authorized use. As a result, CUSTOMERS are fully responsible for any damage resulting from any intentional damage or caused by unauthorized handling of the VENUE and its equipment.
3.5.  CUSTOMERS undertake to strictly comply with the safety instructions explained or communicated by the COMPANY. In accordance with Article 8.1, the COMPANY declines all responsibility in the event of non-compliance with these instructions. Furthermore, CUSTOMERS are required to use the VENUE and its equipment in such a way as not to cause or risk causing any damage to other CUSTOMERS.
3.6.  Throughout their presence in the VENUE, CUSTOMERS undertake to behave in a respectable manner, to comply with the rules and to cooperate with the staff of the COMPANY. As such, the COMPANY is entitled to refuse access to / demand immediate exit from the VENUE to any person whose behaviour is inappropriate, disrespectful or who represents a threat to the safety of COMPANY’s staff or other CUSTOMERS.
3.7.  CUSTOMERS may not bring drinks, food or animals into the VENUE. Any violation of this rule is a justifying reason which will allow the COMPANY to refuse access to / demand immediate exit from the VENUE to CUSTOMERS who have violated this provision.
3.8.  The COMPANY reserves the right not to serve or no longer to serve alcoholic beverages at its bar to CUSTOMERS in a state of intoxication or in a similar state and reserves the right to demand their immediate exit from the VENUE if necessary.
3.9.  No refund will be made in favour of CUSTOMERS whose access to the VENUE has been refused or who have had to leave it in accordance with articles 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8.
3.10.  The CUSTOMERS undertake to comply with these contractual provisions, as well as with all local and national laws and regulations, other instructions of the administrative authorities, as well as with the rules laid down by the insurers where applicable.

4.1.  According to the very principle of the game, the COMPANY grants CUSTOMERS the right to occupy the GAME space and the TARGET for a maximum duration of 55 (fifty-five) minutes
4.2.  CUSTOMERS can decide to stop the game before the end of the 55 minutes, without this being the subject of any adjustment or price compensation.

5.1.  The provision of a target and access to the COMPANY’s facilities and services shall be made exclusively after reservation on the WEBSITE and shall be subject to prior payment of the full price thereof.
5.2. The reservation is made by the RESERVATOR on the COMPANY WEBSITE within the limit of the available slots which are updated in real time on the WEBSITE.
5.3.  The reservation is made for a specific day and time, and is only valid for that time slot.
5.4.  The reservation shall not be firm and definitive until the client has received a confirmation e-mail from the COMPANY.
5.5.  Only persons aged 18 or over can be RESERVATORS.
5.6.  Subject to availability, a registered reservation can only be modified (date or time) at the latest 48 hours before the reservation. Any changes made after this deadline are not possible.
5.7.  No reservation may be cancelled or refunded, in whole or in part, except in the case of cancellation by the COMPANY alone. In the latter case, the amount of the initial reservation will be refunded. In the event of cancellation due to an absolute necessity (“CASE OF FORCE MAJEURE”), you will receive a credit note valid for one year, but no reimbursement may be claimed.
5.8.  A reservation is not transferable to another RESERVATOR, but the reservation will be honoured and access to the VENUE will be given to the CUSTOMERS if the RESERVATOR gives advance written notice of his absence and indicates the name of the person who will substitute for him on the day of the reservation, and if he receives the explicit agreement of the COMPANY.
5.9.  A reservation may not be transferred or resold for commercial purposes. If a reservation is transferred or resold in violation of this article, the holder of the reservation will be denied access to the VENUE.
5.10.  In the event that the CUSTOMERS are late for a reserved SESSION, the CUSTOMER may decide whether or not he wishes to start the game. In all cases, the VENUE must be vacated at the time provided for in the initial reservation, and the RESERVATOR and / or CUSTOMERS may in no case demand full or partial reimbursement of the price paid. The COMPANY reserves the right to refuse access to the RESERVATOR and / or to CUSTOMERS whose delay is 20 minutes or more. The times will be systematically reminded in the confirmation emails sent by the COMPANY.
5.11.  If fewer CUSTOMERS show up to participate in the game than what was initially planned when booking, the RESERVATOR and / or CUSTOMERS cannot claim reimbursement of the difference in price paid.
5.12.  If more CUSTOMERS show up to participate in the game than initially planned when booking, the price difference must be paid before participating in the game.
5.13.  The COMPANY reserves the right to cancel a booking without having to give a reason. In the event of cancellation by the COMPANY alone, the price of the booking shall be refunded, to the exclusion of any other sum that may be claimed by way of damages or otherwise.
5.14.  The COMPANY reserves the right to refuse any reservation or access to the VENUE to a RESERVATOR who has not paid all the services invoiced to him.
5.15.  In exceptional circumstances, the COMPANY’s staff may make the reservation on behalf of the RESERVATOR if the latter is unable to make the reservation on the WEBSITE. In these cases, the RESERVATOR accepts without reservation that this type of reservation does not entail any liability on the part of the COMPANY or its staff, as the staff only acts as a data entry operator according to the Instructions given by the RESERVATOR. The RESERVATOR therefore waives any recourse due to misuse, breach of confidentiality of his data or fraudulent use of his account and means of payment.

6.1.  The prices charged by the COMPANY are indicated on the WEBSITE.
6.2.  The prices indicated by the COMPANY are in CHF, all taxes included, taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order, any change in the rate being able to be reflected in the price of the services.
6.3.  The prices indicated by the COMPANY are for a maximum period of availability of the VENUE indicated on the WEBSITE, as well as in these general conditions.
6.4.  Any other service will be invoiced additionally.
6.5.  The COMPANY reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, any RESERVATOR however paying the amount relating to the price in force at the time of his reservation.

7.1.  Only payment by credit card is accepted on the WEBSITE. If the RESERVATOR could not pay by these means of payment, he/she will have to come to the VENUE to reserve and pay in cash or by card.
7.2.  The amount of the reservation is debited at the time of the reservation from the payment method chosen by the RESERVATOR.
7.3.  In the event of a cancellation respecting these general conditions, refunds will be made within 7 days after confirmation of the cancellation. However, the COMPANY cannot be held responsible for the processing times of financial organizations.
7.4.  The COMPANY has entrusted its payment system to a service provider specializing in securing online payments and does not keep any data related to the payment system in its databases.

8.1.  The CUSTOMER undertakes to comply with the security measures given or communicated to him, whether they are contractual, displayed on the website or given orally by the staff of the COMPANY. In the event of non-compliance with the latter, the COMPANY cannot be held responsible for accidents or incidents resulting from the non-application or non-compliance with the safety instructions.
8.2.  The CUSTOMER agrees to take note of and respect the safety and fire protection instructions. Emergency exits are clearly identified in the VENUE. It is strictly forbidden to block or obstruct the emergency exits, which must remain clear under all circumstances.
8.3.  The CUSTOMER may use the emergency exits if, and only if, the situation requires the evacuation of the VENUE (e.g. fire). Any abuse and/or untimely opening of these exits by one or more CUSTOMER(S) will result in the re-invoicing of the costs caused by this abuse.
8.4.  The CUSTOMER is aware that it is absolutely forbidden to bring into the VENUE objects considered dangerous (weapons, explosive, flammable, combustive, pressurised or liquefied gas, corrosive) or toxic (corrosive to the skin, irritant/sensitising, carcinogenic/teratogenic).
8.5.  It is expressly and strictly forbidden to smoke inside the VENUE.
8.6.  CUSTOMERS are expressly and strictly forbidden to enter the areas of the VENUE that are exclusively reserved for the COMPANY’s staff.
8.7.  CUSTOMERS under the influence of alcohol, drugs or in a condition that does not allow them to participate in the game are not permitted to enter the VENUE and participate in the game.
8.8.  The COMPANY is entitled to refuse access to / demand immediate exit from the VENUE to any person who does not comply with the security measures mentioned above; no reimbursement will be made in favour of CUSTOMERS whose access to the VENUE has been refused or who had to leave it for this reason.
8.9.  The COMPANY informs CUSTOMERS that the VENUE is equipped with a video surveillance system, the main purpose of which is to prevent and deal with any failure to comply with safety rules and/or dangerous behaviour towards other CUSTOMERS and/or the COMPANY’s staff. CUSTOMERS are reminded of the existence of the video surveillance system on the entrance door to the VENUE and inside the VENUE.
The video surveillance images shall only be used in the context of specific, one-off events such as thefts, damage, accidents or any other event requiring the history thereof to be retraced. If the use of video surveillance images proves necessary, the COMPANY undertakes to do so with the strictest respect for the privacy of CLIENTS who are not concerned by the event or events in question. The images may only be accessed by persons duly authorised by the COMPANY. The images may not be used for any other purpose(s) (in particular commercial and communication purposes) and are regularly deleted.

CUSTOMERS of legal age and/or minors are deemed to have their own civil liability insurance or, if this is not the case, to be covered by a family civil liability insurance.

10.1.  Photos or videos of each CUSTOMER team may be taken before, during or after the game session in the VENUE. These photos will be made available to the CUSTOMER via its public platform. These photos or videos may be used by the COMPANY to feed its WEBSITE and/or its digital ecosystem (examples without restriction: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Tripadvisor, etc.).
10.2.  If the CUSTOMER does not wish his or her photo or video to be published, he or she must expressly inform the COMPANY’s staff.
10.3.  The CUSTOMER is solely responsible for the comments he/she writes or posts on the internet or on social networks.
10.4.  The COMPANY reserves the right to remove from its own WEBSITE any comment it deems inappropriate, without prior notice and without justification.
10.5.  The COMPANY shall not be held responsible for the use made of the photos or videos by RESERVATORS and/or CUSTOMERS.

11.1.  The COMPANY undertakes to comply with the legal provisions on data protection applicable to it.
11.2.  The RESERVATOR is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered on the online reservation form on the WEBSITE.
11.3.  The COMPANY processes the CLIENT’s data in order to be able to perform its services and to invoice said services. The COMPANY undertakes to collect only the personal data of the CUSTOMER necessary for the proper and faithful performance of the contract and to process them in accordance with the data protection laws applicable to it.
11.4.  The RESERVATOR and/or the CUSTOMER who enters their telephone number and/or email address on the COMPANY’s WEBSITE agrees to receive information and commercial offers from the COMPANY by telephone, SMS and email; however, the CUSTOMER will have the possibility of objecting by informing the COMPANY that they no longer wish to receive such communications.
11.5.  The CUSTOMER consents that his/her personal data may be communicated to the COMPANY’s subcontractors (e.g. companies handling bookings, payments, etc.) and processed by them in the context of the execution of the contract.
11.6.  The CUSTOMER may, upon simple written request and at any time, access his/her personal data in order to modify them and/or to request their deletion.

The WEBSITE is available in French or English. However, in the event of a dispute, only the French version of the site and the general conditions may be opposed to the COMPANY.

13.1.  All the elements, texts, videos, images of the WEBSITE, as well as all the goods in the VENUE are the exclusive property of the COMPANY.
13.2.  Any reproduction is strictly forbidden

These terms and conditions and any contract entered into incorporating these terms and conditions are governed by Swiss law and all disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of the Canton of Geneva, subject to appeal to the Swiss Federal Court.

Any exemption from these general conditions must be the subject to a written agreement signed by the COMPANY and the CUSTOMER.